QuickTip: Adding an Icon for iOS & Android to Your Website

We were recently developing an HTML5 cross-platform mobile web application for a client and during the testing phase, I came across the following article that gave a brief yet very nice description of how to easily add a custom icon for your app for the Home Screen on either iOS or Android.

Much like developing a native iOS app, where you get the opportunity to specify the image for the Home Screen icon, it turns out for your typical web site, when a user elects to add a shortcut to the Home Screen for your web site, you also get the opportunity in effect to specify the same thing. Very cool. If you check out the link to the article above, it will indicate how to do so, for both regular as well as high-res iPhone and iPad  apps.

In addition, check out this link for an iOS app image icon template that you can download to create a starter image of each size needed for the various icons listed in the article above.

Check it out!


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